Aerosol Mask

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• Made of non-toxic medical-grade PVC, transparent and soft.
• Conform to any patient posture,especially to operation of decubitus.
• 6ml or 20ml atomizer jar can be configured.
• Special lumen design of the catheter ensure good ventilation, evencatheter is folded. twistor pressed.

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Aerosol Mask

Packing: 100sets/carton
Carton size: 52x42x35 cm


This product with oxygen or compressed air as the power source for aerosol inhalation treatment.


XL, L,  M, S


The anesthesia mask is composed of a cuff, an air inflation cushion, an inflation valve and a positioning frame, and the inflatable cushion of the anesthesia mask is made of medical polyvinyl chloride material. The residual amount should less than if use EO sterilization.

Structure performance

The product structure including composed of ribbon, aluminium and interface masks, oxygen tubes and fittings, used as aerosol cans, matching of breathing with mouth pieces. This product should be sterile. If the use of ethylene oxide sterilization, Ethylene oxide residue is not more than 10μg/g

Direction for use

This product is used by doctors according to the requirements of clinical operation. Specific operation method:
1. Open the package, take out the atomizer.
2. The oxygen input connector is inserted in the atomizer through the outer cone joint decompression on the oxygen source, ensure firm connection.
3. Unscrew the atomizing tank cover, the prescription medicine is poured into the tank after atomization, tighten the lid, then the mask (or bite) connecting outlet in the Atomization pot.
4. The mask button in patients on the nose, Such as the use of bite type atomizer, the bite part is inserted into the patient's mouth.
5.  Turn on the gas source, and carry on the atomization inhalation treatment.


1. Patients with massive hemoptysis or airway obstruction.
2. Because of systemic disease can not be tolerated by the disabled.
[Adverse reactions] not have


1. Please check it before use, if have the following conditions, do not use:
a) Effective period of sterilization;
b) The packaging is damaged or foreign matter.
2. This product should be operated by medical staff and discard after single use.
3. In the course of using, the process should be in monitoring work for safekeeping. If accident happen, should stop using immediately, and the medical staff should have the proper handling.
4. This product is EO sterilized and the effective period is two years.

The packaged anesthesia face mask should be stored in a clean place, the relative humidity is not more than 80%, the temperature should not higher than 40℃, without corrosive gas and good ventilation.
[Date of manufacture]See inner packing label
[Expiry date] See inner packing label
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