• Nasopharyngeal Airway

    Nasopharyngeal Airway

    1. Bell mouth type, only used for nasal aeration.

    2. Non-toxic, medical grade PVC material,clear,soft and smooth.

  • Disposable Oxygen Nasal Cannula PVC

    Disposable Oxygen Nasal Cannula PVC

    Features and Benefits 1. Made of 100% medical grade PVC 2. Soft and flexible 3. Non-toxic 4. Safe and easy to use 5. Latex free 6. Single use 7. Available with 7′ anti-crush tubing. 8. Tubing length could be customized. 9. Super soft tips to comfort the patient. 10. DEHP free available. 11. Different types of prongs are available. 12. Tube color: green or transparent optional 13. Available with various types of adult, pediatric, infant and neonate 14. Available with CE, ISO, FDA certifi...
  • Guedel Airway

    Guedel Airway

    • Made of non—toxic polyethylene.
    • Color—coated for size identification.

  • Oxygen Mask

    Oxygen Mask

    • Made of non—toxic medical—grade PVC, transparent and soft.
    • Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit.
    • Special lumen design of the catheter ensure good ventilation, even catheter is folded, twist or pressed.

  • Aerosol Mask

    Aerosol Mask

    • Made of non-toxic medical-grade PVC, transparent and soft.
    • Conform to any patient posture,especially to operation of decubitus.
    • 6ml or 20ml atomizer jar can be configured.
    • Special lumen design of the catheter ensure good ventilation, evencatheter is folded. twistor pressed.

  • Disposable Breathing Filter

    Disposable Breathing Filter

    • Support to the lung function and anesthesia breathing equipment and filter when gas exchange.
    • Product composition has a cover, under cover, filtration membranes and retaining cap.
    • Filter membrane made of polypropylene and composite materials.
    • Continue to effectively filter the air 0.5 u m particles, its filtration rate greater than 90%.

  • Disposable Aspirator Connecting Tube

    Disposable Aspirator Connecting Tube

    • Support to the suction device, suction catheter and other equipment, dedicated to the waste transport.
    • The catheter made of soft PVC.
    • Standard connectors can be well connected to the suction device, ensure adhesion.

  • Disposable Anesthesia Mask

    Disposable Anesthesia Mask

    • Made of 100% medical—grade PVC, soft and flexible cushion for patient comfort.
    • Transparent crown allows for easy monitoring of patient’ s vital signs.
    • Optimal air volume in cuff allows for secure seating and sealing.
    • It is disposable and reduces the risk of cross—infection; it is safe and reliable for single patients.
    • The connection port is a standard diameter of 22/15mm(according to the standard: IS05356-1).

  • Disposable Endotracheal Tube Kit

    Disposable Endotracheal Tube Kit

    • Made of non—toxic medical—grade PVC, transparent, clear and smooth.
    • Radio opaque line through the length for x—ray visualization.
    • With high volume low pressure cuff. High volume cuff seals the tracheal wall positively.
    • Spiral reinforcement minimizes crushing or kinking. (Reinforced)

  • Anesthesia Breathing Circuits

    Anesthesia Breathing Circuits

    • Made Of EVA material.
    • Product composition has connector, face mask, extendible tube.
    • Store under normaltemperature. avoid direct sunlight.