• Negative pressure drainage ball kit

    Negative pressure drainage ball kit

    Kangyuan Negative Pressure Drainage Ball Kit is suitable for the drainage process of recovery after minor surgery. It can reduce tissue damage, prevent wound edge separation and bacterial growth caused by a large amount of fluid accumulation, thereby improving the wound healing effect.

  • Suction Catheter

    Suction Catheter

    • Made of non—toxic medical—grade PVC, transparent and soft.
    • Perfectly finished side eyes and closed distal end for less hurt to tracheal mucous membrane.
    • T type connector and conical connector available.
    • Color-coded connector for identification of different sizes.
    • Can be connected with Luer connectors.

  • High Flow Nasal Cannula

    High Flow Nasal Cannula

    1. Used for patients with spontaneous breathing, effective treatment by providing high-flow, warmed and humidified breathing gas.

    2. Can be used together with respiratory humidification therapy instrument breathing tube. Also can be used alone for non-invasive ventilation therapy with air-oxygen mixer via humidification tank.

    3. An oxygen therapy modality that provides a high concentration, high flow rate, near 100% relative humidity gas mixture delivered to the patient through a nasal cannula that does not require a seal.

  • Simple Adjustable Venturi Mask

    Simple Adjustable Venturi Mask

    1. The star lumen tubing can ensure oxygen flow even if the tube is kinked, different length of the tubing is available.

    2. Features 7 color-coded diluters: 24%(blue) 4L/min, 28%(yellow) 4L/min, 31%(white) 6L/min, 35%(green) 8L/min, 40%(pink) 8L/min, 50%(orange) 10L/min, 60%(red) 15L/min

    3. Safe, simple delivery of variable oxygen concentrations.

    4. The product can be transparent green and transparent white.

  • Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Mask

    Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Mask

    1. Low-resistance check valve does not contain natural rubber latex, prevents rebreathing and allows exhaled gas to escape.

    2. The oxygen tube can ensure oxygen flow even if the tube is kinked, the length can be customized.

    3. The product can be transparent green and transparent white.

    4. Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit.

    5. Safety vent allows for entrainment of room air.

    6. Adaptor swivels to accommodate patient position.

    7. Clear, soft PVC for patient comfort and visual assessment.

  • Manual Resuscitator (PVC/Silicone)

    Manual Resuscitator (PVC/Silicone)

    1. The resuscitator is intended for pulmonary resuscitation.It can be devided into silicone and PVC according to different materials. With new design of 4-in-1 intake valve,it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation,easy to carry and good ventilation effect.Different accessories can be optional.

    2. It’s for single use to reduce the risk of cross infection for PVC material.It can be reused by soaking in disinfectant.

    3. Silicone resuscitator is with soft feeling and good resilience.The main part and silisonce mask can be reused by autoclaved sterilization.

    4. Basic Accessories:PVC Mask/Silicone Mask/Oxygen tube/Reservoir bag.

  • Nasopharyngeal Airway

    Nasopharyngeal Airway

    1. Bell mouth type, only used for nasal aeration.

    2. Non-toxic, medical grade PVC material,clear,soft and smooth.

  • Disposable Oxygen Nasal Cannula PVC

    Disposable Oxygen Nasal Cannula PVC

    Features and Benefits 1. Made of 100% medical grade PVC 2. Soft and flexible 3. Non-toxic 4. Safe and easy to use 5. Latex free 6. Single use 7. Available with 7′ anti-crush tubing. 8. Tubing length could be customized. 9. Super soft tips to comfort the patient. 10. DEHP free available. 11. Different types of prongs are available. 12. Tube color: green or transparent optional 13. Available with various types of adult, pediatric, infant and neonate 14. Available with CE, ISO, FDA certifi...
  • Guedel Airway

    Guedel Airway

    • Made of non—toxic polyethylene.
    • Color—coated for size identification.

  • Oxygen Mask

    Oxygen Mask

    • Made of non—toxic medical—grade PVC, transparent and soft.
    • Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit.
    • Special lumen design of the catheter ensure good ventilation, even catheter is folded, twist or pressed.

  • Aerosol Mask

    Aerosol Mask

    • Made of non-toxic medical-grade PVC, transparent and soft.
    • Conform to any patient posture,especially to operation of decubitus.
    • 6ml or 20ml atomizer jar can be configured.
    • Special lumen design of the catheter ensure good ventilation, evencatheter is folded. twistor pressed.

  • Disposable Breathing Filter

    Disposable Breathing Filter

    • Support to the lung function and anesthesia breathing equipment and filter when gas exchange.
    • Product composition has a cover, under cover, filtration membranes and retaining cap.
    • Filter membrane made of polypropylene and composite materials.
    • Continue to effectively filter the air 0.5 u m particles, its filtration rate greater than 90%.

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