Suction Catheter

Short Description:

• Made of non—toxic medical—grade PVC, transparent and soft.
• Perfectly finished side eyes and closed distal end for less hurt to tracheal mucous membrane.
• T type connector and conical connector available.
• Color-coded connector for identification of different sizes.
• Can be connected with Luer connectors.

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Suction Catheter

Packing: 100 pcs/box, 600 pcs/carton
Carton size: 60×50×38 cm

Intend of use

This product is used for clinical sputum aspiration. 

Structural performance

This product is composed of catheter and connector, catheter is made of medical grade PVC material. The cytotoxic reaction of the product is no more than grade 1, and there is no sensitization or mucosal stimulation reaction. The product shall be sterile and, if sterilized with ethylene oxide, shall leave no more than 4mg. 

Direction for use

1. According to the clinical needs, select the appropriate specifications, open the inner packing bag, check the product quality.
2. The tip of the sputum suction tube was connected to the negative pressure suction catheter in the clinical center, and the end of the sputum suction catheter was slowly inserted into the patient's mouth into theairway to extract sputum and secretions from the trachea.


No contraindications have been found. 


1. Before use, the correct specifications should be selected according to the age and weight, and the product quality should be tested.
2. Please check before use. If single (packed) product is found to have the following conditions, it is strictly prohibited to use:
a) Expiry date of sterilization;
b) The single package of the product is damaged or has foreign matter.
3. This product is for clinical one-time use, operated and used by medical personnel, and destroyed after use.
4. In the process of use, the user should timely monitor the use of the product. In case of any accident, the user should stop using the product immediately and have the medical staff deal with it properly.
5. This product is ethylene oxide sterilization, sterilization period of five years.
6. The packing is damaged, so use is forbidden.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place, the temperature should not higher than 40℃, without corrosive gas and good ventilation.
[expiry date] See inner packing label
[Registered person]

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