Why Kangyuan’s Laryngeal Mask Airway?

Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) is an effective product developed in the mid-1980s and used in general anesthesia to establish safe airway. Laryngeal mask airway with good quality has many advantages, such as easy to use, high success rate of placement, reliable ventilation, little stimulation, avoiding damage to throat and tracheal mucosa. But how to distinguish the quality of LMA? Today, take Kangyuan’s laryngeal mask airway with a high market share as an example to explain how to judge the quality of laryngeal mask airway from the below three aspects.

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First: The material of Laryngeal Mask Airway
The tube is extruded of pure solid silicone vulcanized with platinum, it’s of medical grade with high transparency, excellent biocompatibility and strong stability. The surface is smooth and will not get yellow before the expiring date. The curvature of the tube conforms to human body structure.
The cuff is made with injection molding machine and dynamic mixing pump of pure liquid silicone material vulcanized with platinum, it has strong stability, soft and smooth surface, more comfortable contact with patients.
Second: The Production Processes
Kangyuan laryngeal mask was independently developed by Kangyuan group in 2005 and put into production after strict testing. It has a number of patents and has incomparable advantages compared with other laryngeal mask. The basic process is as follows:
1) Silicone raw material mixing: with open precision siliconeraw material mixing machine to ensure even mixing, and use frequency conversion water chiller to control cooling temperature.
2) Extrusion of tube: full automatic precision extrusion equipment with laser diameter measurement and automatic cutting function is adopted to ensure the accurate and controllable size of Kangyuan laryngeal mask airway.
3) Cuff injection molding: using domestic advanced fully automatic liquid silicone injection molding machine, dynamic mixing material pump, microcomputer control equipment action and parameters.
4) Cuff bonding: full automatic dispensing equipment is used to ensure that the glue is applied evenly.
5) Tube printing: Medical drying ink is used, printing is non-toxic and does not fall off.
6) Connect the tube and cuff and scrape the glue: make the connection between the tube and the cuff smooth and excessive, without protrusion.
7) Assemble the indicating cuff.
8) Appearance inspection: the LMA shall be inspected manually.
9) Leak detection of the cuff: inflate the capsule 1.3 times for water test to detect whether it leaks.
10) Clean and dry.
11) Packaging.
12)Ethylene oxide sterilization.

Why Kangyuan's Laryngeal Mask Airway02

Third: Sorts of laryngeal mask airway
The precision process of Kangyuan laryngeal mask determines its professionalism. After 15 years of market baptism and precipitation, Kangyuan has an excellent reputation in European, American and Southeast Asian markets. In addition, Kangyuan has developed a number of laryngeal mask products with different effects for different types of patients, such as one way standard laryngeal mask airway, one way reinforced laryngeal mask airway (the ventilation tube can rotate at multiple angles without crushing or kinking), laryngeal mask airway with epiglottis bars (preventing any kind of reflux), two way reinforced laryngeal mask airway, PVC laryngeal mask airway, etc.

Post time: Dec-09-2020