Safe Production Month, We’re acting

In order to implement the national safety production policy, implement the production safety responsibility system, create a strong atmosphere of “safe production, everyone is responsible”, establish the idea of “safety first”, and create a harmonious enterprise of “everyone manages safety, everyone should be safe”, Haiyan Kangyuan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. has formulated safety production month activities.

The work Safety Month activities include actions to eliminate hidden dangers, training and examination of basic safety knowledge, accident emergency rescue exercises, etc. Kangyuan hopes to improve the safety awareness and skills of all employees through various training and exercises, so as to make the safety management work more stringent and the hidden danger rectification more effective, so as to promote the safe and stable development of Kangyuan.

Last week’s fire drill activity, Kangyuan invited the professional staff of the fire department to serve as guidance, tracking and evaluating the whole process of the drill. Before the start of the drill, fire personnel trained Kangyuan staff on fire safety knowledge, emphasizing the initial treatment of fire and preventive measures. At the same time, it also introduces in detail the use of common fire equipment and escape self-rescue skills.


In the simulated fire scenario, the employees quickly evacuated according to the predetermined evacuation route in an orderly manner, and the team leaders and key staff carried out practical fire extinguishing with fire extinguishers. Employees said that through the exercise and training, they have gained a deeper understanding of fire safety and learned how to protect themselves and others in an emergency.


The successful holding of the safety production month activity not only improved the safety production awareness and emergency response ability of Kangyuan employees, firmly established the concept of “people-oriented, safe development”, but also built a strong safety defense line for Kangyuan, laying a solid foundation for the stable development of the enterprise.

Safety production is the lifeline of the enterprise, we must always tighten the safety of this string. In the future, Kangyuan Medical will further strengthen the training of safety production, ensure that all safety measures are effectively implemented, and provide a solid safety guarantee for the development of enterprises.

Post time: Apr-07-2024