Negative pressure drainage ball kit

1. Scope of application:

Kangyuan Negative Pressure Drainage Ball Kit is suitable for the drainage process of recovery after minor surgery. It can reduce tissue damage, prevent wound edge separation and bacterial growth caused by a large amount of fluid accumulation, thereby improving the wound healing effect.

2. Product composition and specifications:

The negative pressure drainage ball kit consists of three parts: negative pressure ball, drainage tube, and guide needle.

Negative pressure balls are available in 100mL, 200mL and 400mL capacities;

Drainage tubes are divided into round tube perforated silicone drainage tubes, cross-slotted silicone drainage tubes, and flat perforated silicone drainage tubes. The length can be customized according to customer requirements. The specific specifications and parameters are shown in the form below.


Silicone Round Perforated Drainage Tube


Article No. Size(Fr) OD(mm) ID(mm) Total Length (mm) Length with Holes (mm) Hole Size (mm) Number of Holes
RPD10S 10 3.4 1.5 900/1000/1100 158 0.8 48
RPD15S 15 5.0 2.9 900/1000/1100 158 1.3 48
RPD19S 19 6.3 4.2 900/1000/1100 158 2.2 48


Silicone Round Fluted Drainage Tube Article No. Size(Fr) OD(mm) ID(mm) Total Length (mm) Fluted Tube Length (mm) Fluted Tube OD(mm) Flute Width  (mm)
RFD10S 10 3.3 1.7 900/1000/1100 300 3.1 0.5
RFD15S 15 5.0 3.0 900/1000/1100 300 4.8 1.2
RFD19S 19 6.3 3.8 900/1000/1100 300 6.1 1.2
RFD24S 24 8.0 5.0 900/1000/1100 300 7.8 1.2


Silicone Flat Perforated Drainage Tube

Article No. Size Flat Tube Width(mm) Flat Tube Height(mm) Flat Tube Length (mm) Total Length (mm) Hole Size(mm) Number of Holes


15Fr round tube+10mm 3/4 hole








3. Product features and functions

(1). Made of 100% medical grade silicone, better biocompatibility.

(2). The negative pressure ball maintains a negative pressure state to drain subcutaneous fluid and blood accumulation. Continuous suction with low negative pressure can reduce tissue damage, prevent wound edge separation and bacterial growth caused by a large amount of fluid accumulation, thereby improving wound healing effect .

(3). The negative pressure ball is small in size and easy to carry around, such as putting it in the pocket of the jacket or fixing the ball handle on the clothes with a pin, which is beneficial for the patient to get out of bed early after the operation.

(4). The negative pressure ball inlet is a one-way anti-reflux device, which can prevent the drainage fluid from flowing backward and causing infection. The transparent design of the sphere allows for a clearer observation of the status of the drainage fluid. When the liquid in the sphere reaches 2/3, it is poured out in time, and there is no need to replace the sphere.

(5). The function of the drainage tube mainly includes leading the effusion out of the body, assessing the severity of the condition, and injecting drugs for cleaning, etc. The details are as follows:

a. Drain the effusion out of the body: If there is an obvious local effusion, the drainage tube can draw the effusion out of the body to prevent infection or cause obvious pain to the patient.

b. Assess the severity of the condition: through the drainage of the drainage tube, the amount of drainage can be observed, and the severity of the condition can be assessed at this time. At the same time, the drainage fluid can also be used to consider whether the patient is bleeding or infection and other factors, and provide an evaluation basis for continued treatment.

c. Injection of drugs for cleaning: If there is obvious infection in the local area, the corresponding drugs can be injected inward through the drainage tube to clean the local area, so that the infection can be further controlled.

(6). The drainage area of the cross-grooved silicone drainage tube is enlarged by 30 times, the drainage is smooth and not blocked, and the extubation is painless, avoiding secondary injuries.

(7). The flat, porous, and multi-groove structure of the flat perforated silicone drainage tube not only increases the drainage area, but also the ribs in the tube support the tube body, making the drainage more smooth.


4. How to use

(1). Put the drainage tube through the wound, the proper position is three centimeters away from the wound;

(2). Trim the end of the drainage tube to a suitable length and bury it in the wound;

(3). Suture the wound and fix the drainage tube.


5. Applicable departments

General surgery, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, anorectal surgery, urology, gynecology, brain surgery, plastic surgery.


6.Actual pictures

Negative- pressure-drainage-ball-kit

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