The 2023 ownership and excellent Staff Commendation Conference was successfully concluded

Recently, Haiyan Kangyuan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. held a grand “2023 ownership and excellent staff Commendation Conference” in the conference room on the third floor of the administration building. The purpose of this conference is to recognize the excellent performance of employees in the past year, further stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, encourage all employees to learn from them, and jointly promote the development of Kangyuan Medical.

Before the start of the conference, company leaders and award-winning employees gathered together to witness this glorious moment. The venue was solemn and warm, with a red banner of “Year-end award ceremony for award-winning employees” hanging on the wall, and trophies and awards and various fruits placed on the table, highlighting the company’s attention and respect for excellent employees.

All the personnel are here, and the conference begins. First of all, the leaders of Kangyuan delivered a warm speech, expressing their heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work in the past year, and emphasizing the important role of excellent employees in the development of the company. Kangyuan leaders said that these excellent employees are the pride of the company and are role models for all employees to learn from.


Subsequently, Kangyuan leaders read out the list of outstanding employees, and awarded them honorary certificates and bonuses. These excellent employees come from different departments and positions, and they have shown a high degree of responsibility, professionalism and teamwork ability in their work, and have made outstanding contributions to the development of Kangyuan. While accepting the honor, they also shared their achievements and experiences in their work.

At the end of the conference, the company’s leaders delivered a concluding speech, putting forward new expectations and requirements for all employees. I hope that all employees can take excellent employees as an example, proactive, innovative, united and cooperative, and jointly promote the development of Kangyuan. At the same time, the company’s leaders also said that they will continue to pay attention to the growth and development of employees, and provide better training and learning opportunities for everyone.


The holding of the outstanding staff commendation conference is not only the affirmation and commendation of the outstanding employees in the past year, but also the incentive and spur for all employees. We believe that under the correct leadership of the company’s leaders, all employees of Kangyuan work together and work hard together, we will be able to create more brilliant results and make Kangyuan go to a higher level!

Post time: Feb-06-2024