Kangyuan Medical won the honor of “Top 100 Industrial Enterprises” in 2023

Recently, the list of “Top 100 Industrial enterprises” in Haiyan County in 2023 was officially released, and Haiyan Kangyuan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. was strongly listed. This honor not only highlights Kangyuan Medical’s strong strength and leading position in the medical industry field, but also reflects its positive contribution in promoting the development of the medical industry and improving the level of medical services.


As a leader in the medical industry, Kangyuan Medical has always been committed to meeting the needs of the market and patients through technological innovation and quality improvement. In the process of product development and production, Kangyuan gives full play to its technological advantages and continuously introduces innovative, safe and efficient products. In particular, the silicone catheter series (such as 2 way silicone foley catheter, 3 way silicone foley catheter, silicone foley catheter with Temperature Probe etc.) not only has excellent biocompatibility and durability, but also can effectively reduce the discomfort of patients and improve the use experience, so it is popular at home and abroad.

Winning the title of “Top 100 Industrial Enterprises” is not only a full affirmation of Kangyuan Medical’s excellent strength and contribution, but also an inspiration and spur for the company’s future development. Kangyuan Medical will take this opportunity to continue to adhere to the quality policy of “science and technology as the source, build brands, meet doctors and patients, and build harmony”, constantly improve its core competitiveness, and provide more high-quality medical products and services for medical institutions and patients.

At the same time, Kangyuan Medical will actively respond to the call of the state, strengthen cooperation with the government, medical institutions and other parties, and jointly promote the innovation and development of the medical industry. In the future, Kangyuan Medical will further expand its business areas, explore new market opportunities, and contribute more to the prosperity and development of the medical industry and the health and well-being of the people.

Post time: Mar-15-2024