Have you participated in the CMEF 2020 ?

The 19th/10/2020 was the grand opening of the 83rd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) and the 30th International Component Manufacturing & Design Show (ICMD) in Shanghai National Exhibition Center.

A large number of excellent domestic enterprises participated  in these two unprecedented events.

Have you participated in the CMEF 2020

After decades of accumulation and precipitation, CMEF & ICMD have been developed into an international leading global comprehensive service platform covering the whole industrial chain of medical devices, integrating product technology, new product launch, procurement trade, scientific research cooperation, etc., focusing on displaying the latest technology in the field of medical device manufacturing, and promoting the interaction of the overall industrial chain of medical devices.
It is reported that the four-day exhibition had eight halls, covering an area of 220000 square meters. The 60 academic conferences and forums, more than 300 industry leaders and more than 1500 new product launches bring us to view the cutting-edge technologies.

Have you participated in the CMEF 2020

As a leader in the medical consumables industry, our company Haiyan Kangyuan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Displayed its booth x38 in the Hall 1.1 which mainly displayed various types of urinary catheter, laryngeal mask airway, endotracheal tube, gastric tube, epidemic prevention materials and other products.

They were all developed and manufactured by our company.

There is a continuous flow of buyers / visitors who have shown great interest in our products and look forward to cooperation.

Have you participated in the CMEF 2020-1
Have you participated in the CMEF 2020-3

In 2020 the Corvid-19 epidemic brought the world a global crisis, meanwhile brought us the challenges and opportunities. As a team member of the war against this epidemic, Haiyan Kangyuan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. must be the first to bear the brunt of the epidemic, provide sufficient support of materials, concentrate on innovation and breakthrough, and strive to make more contributions to the war against the epidemic.

Have you participated in the CMEF 2020-2

In the future, Kangyuan will not forget its original intention, forge ahead, explore a new direction of innovation in China's medical device industry, and bring more profound changes to the medical and healthcare industry.

Warm reminder: according to the epidemic prevention work requirements, before entering the exhibition hall, all visitors should wear masks, show their valid ID cards, and their Shanghai Health Code applied  in Alipay or WeChat.

Post time: Dec-09-2020