Disposable Urethral Catheterization Kit

Product introduction:

Kangyuan disposable urethral catheterization kit is specially equipped with silicone foley catheter, so it can also be called “silicone foley catheter kit”. This kit is widely used in hospital clinical operations, patient care and many other aspects.It has the characteristics of disposable, reasonable components, sterile, convenient and so on. It can be equipped with 2 way silicone foley catheter, 3 way silicone foley catheter, 3 way silicone foley catheter with large balloon, silicone foley catheter for children, slotted silicone foley catheter and other types of foley catheters.


Intend of use:

Kangyuan disposable urethral catheterization kit is used for catheterization, drainage and flushing of clinical patients by medical units.


Product composition and specifications:

The catheterization kit consists of basic configuration and optional configuration.

The kit is sterile and sterilized by ethylene oxide.

The basic configuration is a silicone foley catheter.

The optional configuration is composed of conduit clip, urine bag, medical glove, syringe, medical tweezers, urine cup, povidone-iodine tampons, medical gauze, hole towel, under pads, medical wrapped cloth, lubrication cotton, sterilization tray.


 sterilization tray


  1. Made of 100% imported medical-grade silicone.
  2. This product belongs to Class IB.
  3. No irritation, no allergies, to avoid the urinary tract disease after treatment.
  4. Soft and uniformly inflated balloon makes tube sit well against the bladder.
  5. Radio opaque line through the length for x-ray visualization.







Post time: Jun-29-2022